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 How to download 83 full movie 83 full movie  This movie is an Indian sports and drama film. Lead character Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. What a movie!  The film is based on India's victory at the 1983 World Cup and boasts of a terrific cast. This is a real-life story and for Indians, this was a moment of pride. Ranveer lives as Kapil Dev. Not just in looks, but body language and suction too. He holds the entire movie together. And every other character including that of Cheeka played by Srikanth adds zing and excitement Ranveer Singh......this man is an outstanding student. Any character given to him, he studies and performs brilliantly Be it Bajirao or Khilji or Gully Boy or Kapil Dev The typical North Indian accent, the bowling action, the teeth, the moustache, the attitude, toota foota angrezi, the batting style......excellent Movie has been made with lot of research be it bowling action ,batting  stance of every player. Even the shots,catches and wickets taken are almost

5 Best Blog Niche Ideas For Beginners: Low Competition Blog Niche List || 2022 best blog

 5 Best Blog Niche Ideas For Beginners: Low Competition Blog Niche List

To create a successful blog, you should find such a niche on which you can write content well and people also search those topics on the internet. If you find such a topic, then you have completed the first step of creating your successful blog.
To create a blog, you need some experience, if you give some time to blogging, then after some time you can do all these things easily.

But I am writing this article to overcome the problem which newbie bloggers face in finding a niche.

And you have a surprise in this blog 

1. Architecture

You can start your own Architecture Blog, where you can write such type of articles like: - How to do house plan? You can give information about the interior or whatever people have to build a house.

They search the Construction Cost Estimator, where they want to find out that when they will build their house, then how much will it cost to build the house according to them.

So you guys can publish some similar articles on your blog.

To monetize this type of blog, you can monetize the blog using Google Adsense Affiliate Marketing.

And with this, you can create your own YouTube channel and tell all the same things through a video on it, and views also come on such videos. So from there, you can also bring traffic to your blog.

Blog Example:- https://Www.Achahomes.Com

2. News Site

If you create a news site, then you can get very good traffic there, if you publish news like other news sites, then your blog may not get traffic.

Because there is already a very big news site on the Internet, then in order to rank our blog, we have to cover the news by Regional Language (Regional Language). Or say, you can create such a news site in which you cover only the news of some districts around you, when your blog becomes the authority, after that you can work on a bigger level as well.

But for this you should have a team of 4 to 5 people because after creating a news blog, you will benefit only if you write 10 articles daily.

And after all this, when you get approval from Google News, then after that very good traffic starts coming to your site.

After creating a news site, you can take the help of Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing to earn money from it. (How to earn money by creating a News Site?)

3.Amazon Affiliate Blog

This is a type of blog where you can earn money by writing reviews of products listed on sites like Amazon or Flipkart and selling them.

And if you work for Amazon India, then you can get a little less commission there and at the same time you will get to see a little competition here.

It is better that you can sell products by creating a Micro Niche Site. People in foreign countries prefer to shop online.

Micro Niche Blog means that you write only on a particular topic, as if you have to choose any one product from Amazon and write reviews and comparisons about them.

If you have chosen a product like Car Speaker or Woofer, then you can also write some such articles.

“Best Car Speaker Under 50 Dollar” or “Top 5 Speakers For Car With High Bass” such type of articles can also be written.

And in these articles, after joining the Affiliate Network of Amazon.Com, you can monetize your blog by putting the purchase link of the product from there in the same article.

Whenever a user buys that product from your affiliate link, then you will also get some percentage of the commission.

If you work on Micro Niche Site, then they get ranked very quickly according to the rest of the blog.

4. Recipe Blog

If you are a woman then you can easily work on this kind of Recipe Blog, because the women of our India are experts in the matter of cooking. So this Blog Niche will be very easy for them too.

Now you will feel that there is already a lot of blogs on this niche, then why will your blog rank. So to rank your blog here, you will need some such low competition keywords which will help in getting your site ranked.

You can search for Low Competition Keyword in such a way that you can search by typing any keyword on Google, then whatever results come after that, you have to see that

Is there any such site in that result page that is new and its domain authority is less, if you find such a site on that keyword, then you can also get your site ranked by using that keyword.

If you want to write articles in your regional language, then you can do that in this niche. In this niche, I have also seen some such blogs which were created recently and very good traffic is coming on them.

So whoever wants to work on a Recipe Blog, then you can work by creating a blog in this way.

5. Health Blog

When it comes to choosing a niche for a blog, everyone says that you should work on a blog related to your work or if you have good knowledge about that thing, then if you have studied related to Medical.

So you can reach the information to the people through your blog, there are many such blogs on the internet that are working on Health Niche and are also able to bring good traffic.

But whenever you work on this type of blog, when you have studied about it or you have a very good knowledge about this thing, and you can also create a disclaimer page where you can tell your people that This site only gives you information, here no treatment is given for any disease.

You can write some such articles on this Health Niche Blog that you can review the Side-Effects & Uses of all types of medicines or Medicines on all sides and can also tell all these things by writing in Hindi.

There are many such big blogs that have got their articles ranked on the top-page by writing the review of Medicines in this way.

Now I am also giving you some examples of a similar blog, if you want to start your blog in Health Niche, then you can see these examples. 

So now i have a bonus Niche for you guys 

6. Crypto

Crypto is in a lot of discussion at this time, many people are confused about whether we should use Digital Currency or not, so whatever information is related to it, they can share through their blog.

And on this type of blog, high CPC ads come, with the help of which you can earn very good money even when there is very little traffic.

And Google Adsense is also available on these blogs very comfortably.

Final Words:-

We have all the Low Competition Niche mentioned in this article, where you will need to work very little, and in all these niches, you also get Approval for Google Adsense.

This helps a lot to monetize your blog, on some of these mentioned niches, you can also earn money through Affiliate Marketing.

Now from this, you can choose that niche according to you, in which you have the most information and you can write articles on them very well.

So friends, I hope that you have liked all these 6 Most Profitable Blog Niches For 2022 told by us, if you have any questions then you can ask by commenting thank you.


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